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Oh hello there ! Welcome to my website. Feel free to rome around and click on little images hehe

this website is always changing with new updates around the corner. feel free to read the avaliable comic strips or look at the art gallery (once i code them in). images and text MIGHT be out of place (click ctrl + scrolling up and down with mouse to adjust screen resolution). i'll try to resolve the issue, but for now mobile viewers will have to live with it (Sorry !)

LAST UPDATED: 06/16/2024 ( ・_・)ノ

>> short comic for Cannibal Cats was published !! (can be viewed in the COMICS button)

>> 06/13/2024: created the basic components of the Cannibal Cats comic page !

>> 06/10/2024: trying to resolve an issue (why do images keep moving when i zoom in an out)

>> 06/05/2024: added Cannibal Cats comic page (no comic yet ;v;)

>> 06/03/2024: added pages to LINKS, CHARACTER-WIKI, & GALLERY (theres nothing right now). I'll probably jump between coding pages

>> 06/03/2024: revamping ABOUT page

>> 06/02/2024: added link to COMICS (posting comics in near future)

>> 05/31/2024: fix & revamped HOMEPAGE (might still make changes in the future)

>> 05/30/2024: revamping HOMEPAGE

>> 05/12/2024: currently working on ABOUT page (taking my sweet time)

>> bib ƨomɘ ɿɒnbom qɒϱɘ tʜɒt γoυ ϱonnɒ ʜɒvɘ to looʞ ʇoɿ tɘɘʜɘɘ

>> working on ABOUT page

>> 04/11/2024: fixed enterance page

>> 04/10/2024: added main navigation buttons (dont lead anywhere just yet) and the homepage